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Car Reverse Camera Installation Service Specialist in Sydney

It is never an easy job to park a car in tight spots, especially in a city like Sydney. Sometimes, the job can get even tougher if you don’t have a spotter to help you out, or worse if you end up smashing into a car or property nearby. To avoid all these hassles, all that you need is a car reverse camera from Auto Acoustics. We have the best reverse camera kits that will be a great addition to your vehicle and will make your parking maneuvers easier and less stressful.

  • We select the right type of Reverse Camera for your Car
  • We guide you on how to use the Camera and Monitor
  • We charge reasonable prices for Products and Service.

When you come for reverse camera installation to Auto Acoustics, we help you in choosing the best systems that will suit your car. There are many different types of car reverse cameras that are available, and at times you could get overwhelmed with the options you have. But with our experts by your side, you will always get the best.

Expert Installer of Dash Cam & Reverse Camera Kits in Sydney

Dash cam installation and reverse camera installation, if not done right, can do more damage than good. Imagine having a camera installed to help support you but it keeps providing you with the wrong information. This will instantly turn your investment into an unwanted expense. But at Auto Acoustics in Sydney, we ensure that you will never have any such issues when you have your camera installation done by us.

Our experts take special care while installing your reverse camera and dash cameras.

We give special attention to ascertain the viewing angle. Usually, on-board cameras come with a 90 to 180-degree viewing angle. But depending on the size, height, and use of your vehicle, we help judge the right angle for your cameras.

If you are someone who usually drives at night, then having a reverse camera or dash camera installation for an infrared night vision enabled unit is a great idea. This will not only help you in reversing your car in low light or night condition, but it also provides an added security advantage for your dash cam as it can record incidents that happen in the vicinity of your vehicle.

We also provide wireless and Bluetooth enabled cameras and screens that you can use on your vehicle in Sydney. Some of the latest models also have apps connected via the internet that can help you convert your mobile phone into a viewing screen for your onboard cams. We can also have your cameras configured along with the parking sensors of your car to help enable voice-activated assistance and even engage in a virtual parking line on your mounted screens for safer reversing.

Best Onboard Cams in Sydney

For all your dash cam installation and reverse camera, installation needs to meet the experts at Auto Acoustics. We have helped many car owners in Sydney to select the best cameras for their vehicle. Call now at 1300 364 404 to know more.